Adult Stem Cells – The Cure For Crohn’s Disease

Billy Tytaneck, a Canadian, was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 12 years old. From that point, Billy had suffered the usual symptoms associated with Crohn’s- diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramps. As Billy got older, his condition got worse and worse. At age 25, Billy was facing bowel removal surgery. Not wanting the surgery, Billy thought there must be a better way. There was.Billy, age 25, read about clinical trials that used Adult Stem Cells to treat Crohn’s Disease in the United States that were helping patients. However, there was no way to get treatment in Canada. Billy took it upon himself to approach a doctor in Canada involved in Adult Stem Cell research who had successfully treated Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus patients with stem cell therapy and asked the doctor to treat him for Crohn’s Disease.Luckily for Billy, the doctor agreed. In February, 2008, Billy Tytaneck became the first person ever in Canada to be treated with his own Adult Stem Cells for his Crohn’s Disease.Since receiving his own stem cells in the therapy, Billy’s life has made a 180 degree turn. He is feeling better than ever since he was diagnosed with Crohn’s at age 12. Billy says he can go out now and not have to worry about his Crohn’s acting up. Billy is now working as a mechanical engineer at a company. It wasn’t possible for him to work outside before receiving his own Adult Stem Cells.Billy also says although he isn’t perfect yet, he has reduced his long list of medications to only one and says he is still improving.Billy wants it to be known that Adult Stem Cell therapy is an option for other Crohn’s Disease sufferers and hopes to create more awareness for it so it may be an option for patients in similar circumstances.